Note recognition:

Connectivity via midi cable

You will need a suitable cable, such as usb type B (plug into the socket on the piano) and an adapter for your phone or tablet (USB type C or MICRO USB)

Connectivity via Bluetooth MIDI

An external application, such as MIDI + BTLE, is needed for proper operation. The piano must also support a bluetooth MIDI connection.

Sound detection by microphone

Pitch detection using the microphone built into the phone or tablet. Allows you to play and detect the correctness of notes when playing acoustic instruments.

Connecting a piano with a midi cable:

Connecting a piano using buletooth MiDI:

Piano courses:

Boy plays instrument keyboard using piano learning app

Theory needed for piano playing

At the beginning you will learn the complete basics, such as note values, pitches and note naming, and in subsequent lessons you will learn correct fingering, hand placement on the keyboard, etc.

Rhythmic exercises

Rhythmic exercises allow you to practice and synchronize your hands with each other and teach them to respond appropriately in rhythm.

Keyboard exercises

Keyboard exercises designed to let you play as quickly as possible. In the first courses you will start playing well-known melodies from classical music!