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Flexy Piano is an app created for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano in the comfort of their home.

Whether you’re just starting to play the piano or are more advanced, our piano learning courses will help you improve your skills without leaving home, whenever you have the time and inclination to do so.

Reworking piano courses at your own pace!

The Flexy Piano app includes properly selected course modules that you can choose according to your needs and skills! If you're just getting started with the instrument, you can start by learning the position of sounds and simple rhythmic exercises. On the other hand, if you've played the piano before, you can go straight to more difficult topics and lessons. However, if you're more advanced, there's nothing stopping you from playing songs and tunes right away!

Still expanding base of music notes!

In the app, you will find a plethora of more or less well-known songs and tunes, ranging from simple children's melodies, shanties, folk music, Christmas and religious songs, to the greatest musical masterpieces from classical composers such as Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and others!


The app allows you to practice whenever you have the time and desire to do so! No matter the time of day or night - you can sit down to your piano and practice as long as you want! Also, you don't have to adjust your lessons to your teacher's calendar or pre-imposed Music School lessons. This is important for students, working people, parents of young children, etc.

A combination of needed music theory and practice!

The courses are built in such a way that you can put your knowledge into practice as soon as possible. Learning to play the piano doesn't have to be based solely on boring theory or practical exercises in which you don't see the point. With the Flexy Piano app, you instantly combine useful knowledge with enjoyable instrument playing!


Connect your smartphone or tablet to the app using a midi or bluetooth midi cable - this will allow the app to check if you are playing the right notes! This allows you to learn to play the piano without the stress of learning to play the wrong notes!

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