Flexy Piano: New logo and website – Your piano learning app keeps changing for you!

Flexy Piano: New image, same passion for teaching piano! 🎹

We are excited to announce the next phase in the development of our piano learning app, Flexy Piano! Introducing our rebranding, which includes a fresh logo and refreshed website design.

🌟 New Logo:
Our new logo is a combination of two symbols from dynamics (piano and forte) fitted into a violin key. How do you like this solution?
Flexy Piano’s new logo can function as a symbol alone (the so-called signet), or as a whole, i.e. in combination with the full name of our application.

🎨 Refreshed Website Appearance:
Our website has undergone a major facelift. It should be more intuitive and user-friendly. We hope you will like the changes that have been made.
If you have any suggestions – write to us! 🙂

🚀 Our Passion Doesn’t Change:
Although we are changing our image, our passion for teaching piano remains unchanged. We’d even venture to say that it grows every day!

🎶 Let’s Continue Together:
Thank you for continuing to be with us on this musical journey. The new image is just another step in our development. We continue to work on new features and courses to make your piano learning experience even easier and more enjoyable.

Do you want to learn to play the piano? Check out our learning app – Flexy Piano and start playing today!


You can see the new Flexy Piano app logo below:

Flexy Piano official logo
Logo with full name - Flexy Piano