How to learn to play the piano online?

Grandpiano and piano lessons are very popular. In the past, these instruments were found in almost every home. Musicians and composers love them for their impressive spectrum of sounds. Wondering if it is possible to learn to play the piano online? We give you a hint!

Learning to play the piano:

The piano is one of the instruments that can produce beautiful sounds without any skills. It makes it easier to learn chords. It allows you to recognize major and minor chords, as well as the sound of sad and happy chords. It is an instrument that musicians and composers have come to love.

Piano lessons:

Scientists prove that learning new things benefits our health and well-being. Have you been dreaming of playing the piano for years? Are you even considering taking piano lessons, but find it hard to fit into your teacher’s schedule? The piano is one of the most popular and versatile instruments you can learn to play – suitable for everyone. And learning online will definitely be cheaper than online lessons. Besides, unlike in-person lessons, which are tailored to the schedule of the teacher in charge, learning time when on the piano online can be scheduled according to your own needs. And this is great news for parents and guardians of children, working people, students or pupils.

How to learn to play piano online step by step?

  1. Learn the basics:

    Before you sit down in front of your instrument and your fingers gracefully tap out notes on the piano to create a beautiful melody, you need to learn the basics. As you play the instrument, you will be making many repetitive movements with your hands. Proper posture will reduce the strain on your hands and wrists when playing the piano. Another element to master for beginners is the basic playing techniques, rhythms, notes and tunes you want to learn.

  2. Set a practice schedule:

    It is said that practice makes perfect. And indeed it does. To learn on any instrument, you need to invest time honing your new skills. According to Malcolm Gladwell, the average time to become an expert in a field is 10,000 hours of practice. Try to plan to play the piano every day.

  3. Find your way of learning:

    You can learn every note, or learn patterns that will allow you to play songs much faster.

  4. Remember to warm up!

    Before learning to play the piano, you need to stretch and warm up your hands and wrists.

  5. Practice learning on songs you like!

    Choose songs you like to polish your piano skills with pleasure.

Online piano courses and apps:

There are various courses, programs, apps and piano stimulators. Many of them are difficult to use or require complicated solutions. In contrast, Flexy Piano is an application that will help you start enjoying learning piano online. It’s ideal for beginners and piano virtuosos who already know the basics of playing this unique instrument.

With Flexy Piano you will learn: