Flexy Piano app: Phone vs. Tablet - which device is the best choice?

Did you know that the Flexy Piano app works on various devices that run on Android? Perhaps you are now wondering whether to use the app on yours on a phone or a tablet? For us, your comfort with the app is very important, so in this blog post we will discuss the pros and cons of both options. We hope to help you choose the best option for you. 🙂

Phone - a pocket collection of notes and exercises that you always have on hand


  • Portability: you always have your phone next to you. This simply means that you can reach for it and practice anywhere and anytime. No paper book collection of sheet music can give you this freedom.

  • Accessibility: with the Flexy Piano app installed on your phone, you can simply sit down and play. You don’t waste time searching for sheet music, exercises, courses, YouTube videos or other materials about learning to play the piano.

  • Quick Practice: A free moment during the day – great! Instead of browsing social media, you can just sit down at the piano and play your favorite song – pleasure combined with useful time!


  • Poorer visibility: phones have much smaller screens than tablets, and unfortunately this just makes the displayed notes smaller. This can be less comfortable during long piano practice sessions.

  • Limited screen space: We can do some of the exercises in the first courses on the screen of our device, so if you have larger hands, you may be more comfortable doing them on a tablet, but it works the other way too – smaller hands will find it easier to practice on a phone.
Flexy Piano app running on a phone, held in the hand.
A tablet running the Flexy Piano app.

Tablet - your window to the musical world


  • Larger screen: Tablets offer a large screen size, providing more space for notes and a clearer view of displayed items, such as the keyboard at the bottom of the screen (useful when using practise mode, as the keyboard highlights the keys you need to press on your piano). In addition, a tablet can be much more convenient to use for people with visual impairments or for the elderly, when your eyesight no longer allows you to see notes accurately on a phone screen or on a piece of paper.

  • Better graphics: Tablets can offer a better visual experience and are less tiring to the eyes when practicing the piano for longer periods of time.

  • Screen sharing with others: Tablets are great for playing together, as better visibility allows you to play with a larger group, such as one person playing with his right hand and another with his left hand. It is also more convenient for parents who play with their children to use the Flexy Piano.


  • Less portability: Tablets provide portability, but are not as convenient to carry as a phone. You may need to use an extra bag or case to protect your tablet.

  • Battery drain: Continuous use of a backlit screen can drain a tablet’s battery much faster.

Tablet and phone - Advantages of both solutions:

  • Interactivity: both solutions allow you to connect to the piano via midi cable or bluetooth midi, and this allows our application to control the correctness of your playing. The application continuously checks whether you press the correct notes on your keyboard, at the end telling you how many points you have scored.
  • You don’t waste time looking for notes: all the songs, tunes, courses and materials you need are at your fingertips.
  • You don’t spend money on more sheet music: you don’t need to buy the whole set of sheet music, because you care about one song that is in the set. In addition, you can conveniently add your favorite songs or tracks to the “favorites” category, so you can start playing in seconds. You don’t have to search through the entire app for your favorite songs every time.
Phone and tablet running the Flexy Piano app - a size comparison of the two devices.

Phone or tablet - what to choose when using the Flexy Piano app? Summary:

So what to choose – a phone or a tablet? It depends primarily on your preferences, capabilities and lifestyle.

  • Choose a phone if you value the ease of carrying your device and want to exercise whenever you want and wherever you are. A phone is ideal for quick exercise sessions at your leisure.
  • Choose a tablet if you simply want to exercise more comfortably. A tablet doesn’t strain your eyesight during longer piano practice sessions, plus it allows you to use apps comfortably with a larger group.

The Flexy Piano app allows you to use both devices – so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one of them!

Use the tablet for longer practice sessions, and the phone for quick exercises. Ideally, the tablet should be left next to the piano – then you can turn it on and practice whenever you like!

Of course, as long as the battery is charged… 😉


The app is currently only available in Poland. Keep checking for the availability of the app in your country.

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