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The winter period is not conducive to travel, so we have a suggestion for you: how about a musical trip?

And now the best part! This trip is at your fingertips! All you have to do is launch the Flexy Piano app on your smartphone or tablet (Android system), and the piano notes for folk music will appear before your eyes. And it’s FREE! 😃

Ireland, landscape, mountains, lake, Wicklow, County Wicklow, Ireland
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Dive into tradition: New folk songs in the Flexy Piano app!

  • Londonderry Air

    First on the list is a beautiful Irish song that inspired songs like “Danny Boy” and “You Raise Me Up“. So if you’re looking to add an “Irish spirit” to your piano repertoire, this song might be the perfect place to start!

    The author of the lyrics is Katherine Tynan Hinkson.

  • The Irish Rover

    This upbeat song is our second offering!

    The lyrics tell the story of a huge ship that had twenty-three masts, although some text versions even say twenty-seven masts! The stanzas describe the crew, cargoes and other interesting stories related to this unimaginably huge ship. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a good ending, because as it turns out, the narrator will be the only survivor of this ship…. but we don’t want to give everything away!

    We encourage you to get acquainted with this tune, because it can be a challenge and exercise for the right hand, and as we know – proficiency on the keyboard is our goal to achieve, right? 🙂

  • The Water is Wide

    The third place is occupied by a quiet and beautiful ballad that originated in Scotland.

    Other titles for this song include “O Waly, Waly” or an even more simplified version, which is simply “Waly, Waly“.

  • Whiskey in the Jar

    A traditional and very popular Irish song.

    It lived to see numerous covers, which made the song more and more famous, until it became known all over the world.

  • Alouette

    A popular children’s song from Quebec. The song’s lyrics were written in French.

    Interesting fact: The English song “If You Love Me” is based on the melody of “Alouette“.

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Main source of information about the songs: https://en.wikipedia.org

The photo in the article is from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-grassy-hill-3404361/