Everything you need to know about learning to play the piano

Learning to play the piano can be an amazing and exciting adventure that comes with challenges. We have prepared a guide that reveals what you need to know BEFORE you start learning to play the piano.

This theoretical preparation will allow you to make proper use of this amazing instrument.

A man plays a piece on the piano. There are notes placed on the piano.
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Hand coordination

Before you begin the fascinating study of the piano, you should know that initially it can be difficult to train your hands. It is worth your patience, and learning to play the instrument in requires practice. Initial difficulties with hand coordination will pass. Each new skill generates new neural connections in the brain. The first time you practice the piano scale may not be nimble and resonant. Systematic rehearsals will ensure that after a while your hands will know exactly what to do.

Learning to play an instrument takes practice

It is said that practice makes perfect. This is true not only for learning to play an instrument. Only consistent and systematic piano practice will improve the dexterity of your fingers and hands. And the results will motivate you to work even harder. Schedule at least 40 minutes of piano playing each day.

Learn the piano keyboard

Music is made up of notes. Playing the piano can be compared to learning a new language. The notes correspond to the letters of the alphabet, and the chords used while playing are words you can form from the letters. Before you read the words, be sure to learn about the keys of the piano. It’s a simple instrument that consists of several repeating ranges.

Learn the musical alphabet

Learning to play the piano requires learning only 12 keys. A sequence of 7 white and 5 black keys next to each other forms a repeating pattern of twelve notes. The white keys are a range of C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. On the piano keyboard, the notes appear from the lowest on the left to the highest on the right. Every time you press one key to the right, whether it’s white or black, you increase the key by half a tone.

Choose music you like

Learning to play the piano can be an exciting adventure. It certainly will be if you learn the chords and find music that excites you. Choose for yourself the notes of songs that will inspire you to practice and polish your skills. This will keep you motivated to practice and your piano skills will develop expressively.

Don’t be afraid to improvise

Whether you are already a piano virtuoso or a beginner, you can express yourself while improvising. It’s a great way to explore music and express yourself.

Learning to play an instrument is a time to discover an instrument you didn’t know before. You will discover many new issues. Don’t expect to understand everything right away.

Renata Zielezińska

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