Advantages of playing the piano - Try the Flexy Piano App!

Playing instruments, especially playing the piano, brings with it a host of undeniable benefits. Unlike many other instruments, it’s never too late to start learning the piano.


We have prepared a handful of hints. Learn about the advantages of playing the piano.

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Playing the piano is good for mental health

Systematic piano playing improves dexterity and eye-hand coordination, and sharpens motor skills. Besides, music regulates heartbeat and breathing, lowers blood pressure, and increases immune response. It strengthens the muscles of the hands and arms.

Facilitates learning at school

Scientists confirm that students who play musical instruments achieve significantly better academic results in math, language learning or science subjects. This is because learning to play the piano sharpens hearing and facilitates memorization. For example, a 1993 study published in the journal Educational Psychology confirms that playing the piano affects reading comprehension skills.

It relieves stress naturally

Piano lessons benefit mental health. They offset anxiety, depression and stress, as well as boosting self-esteem and lowering blood pressure. Piano lessons are a popular therapy for treating attention deficit disorder (ADD).

They improve concentration

Playing an instrument requires focus. Playing the piano, for example, requires engaging both hands, reading notes, operating the piano pedals, and listening to the melody being played. That’s a lot of activities to do at the same time. Once you master them, it becomes easier to focus on performing multiple tasks simultaneously in every area of life.

Beneficial for brain function

Studies show that music stimulates the brain in a way that no other activity can. When playing the piano, new neural connections are formed. This means that practicing new songs improves memory, attention, language, speech, math and spatial skills, and the ability to convey emotions. Playing instruments in children can cause unique structural changes in the brain that will benefit the rest of their lives.

Start your piano playing adventure regardless of age

Music is a language without barriers that can be shared with anyone. And piano lessons at any age will bring plenty of benefits. For example, they will increase discipline, concentration and patience in other areas of life. Music therapy benefits physical and mental health through the expression of emotions.

You can learn to play the piano at any age. Now there are tools such as the Flexy Piano app, which gives you the opportunity to learn to play the piano without making an appointment with a teacher. It allows you to play at any time of the day and fit your lifestyle. In addition, you get an ever-expanding database of sheet music.

Discover all the benefits and learn more about the piano learning app!

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